Internet Appliance and App Offers Radical Solution for Pool Maintenance

Silicon Valley startup, ConnectedYard, is offering a radically simple solution for pool maintenance, it’s called pHin.

With pHin’s Bluetooth ® Smart enabled sensor continuously monitoring a pool’s water chemistry, a notification is sent to a free iOS or Android app when the chemicals need adjusting.

Premeasured, color‐coded, water‐soluble chemical pods are then shipped right to a subscriber’s door for the owner to drop into the pool. One‐touch, on‐demand pool service is also available, offering a qualified pool technician whenever needed at a pre‐negotiated price.

With 14 million pools and hot tubs in the U.S., and 75% of owners performing the maintenance themselves, ConnectedYard Co‐Founder and CEO Justin Miller thought it was time to reinvent the process.

“Pool and hot tub owners spend a great deal of time taking water samples, testing the chemistry, comparing to a color chart, calculating the amount of chemicals needed. It’s a complicated process, “ Miller said. “The Internet of Things is simplifying our lives, and we decided it was time to bring smart technology to the backyard. ”

Backed by Tandem Capital, pHin is aiming to disrupt the $5 billion dollar pool and hot tub maintenance industry that has remained stagnant for decades. Through Tandem Capital, pHin has access to a 3D prototyping lab, Tandem Hardware in Burlingame, California. The site is staffed with on‐site designers assisting with prototyping and fabricating the pHin IoT sensor.

“We support and invest in technology that enhances people’s lives, and pHin is doing just that by bringing a connected technology solution to a task that has remained unevolved and problematic for pool and hot tub owners,” said Bradley Leong, Partner at Tandem Capital. “We’re excited about pHin’s potential to streamline pool maintenance and give people more time to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle they envisioned.” pHin is not only simplifying the pool management process, it’s also making it safer.

pHin’s premeasured chemical pods are designed to reduce the risk of accidental spills. According to a CDC report, injuries from pool chemicals led to 5,000 emergency room visits in 2012 alone.

The pHin service includes the sensor, the mobile app, and the chemical pods that pool and hot tub owners need, shipped directly to them.


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