Glass Doctor Opens Bryan-College Station Franchise

Business News for Bryan - College Station, Texas

Glass Doctor is the nation’s largest full-service glass repair and replacement company. Glass Doctor Franchise stores service all types of glass products in the home, automobile, and business sectors. College Station now has a Glass Doctor Franchise Store on Harvey Mitchell Parkway.

Home Glass Services

Glass windows and other fixtures in the home may be able to be repaired if they are etched or scratched. Repairs depend upon the depth, length and type of scratch. Cracked or chipped glass in single panes can be replaced, as opposed to replacing the entire window or door. Glass Doctor can replace any glass except glass a person wears or drinks from, including:
• Single pane windows, including energy efficient, insulated glass for low energy emissions (low-E)
• Low-maintenance glass
• Safety glass
• Frosted glass
• Laminated glass
• Tinted glass
• Decorative glass panels (in cabinetry, for example)
• One-way glass

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