Gross Garbage Cans? Call CleanRCans

Clean R Cans is a trash can cleaning service. The end result of our service is a clean trash can for the customer, but the most interesting part is how they provide that service:

1. They use a clean and colorful, curbside cleaning vehicle – Their truck comes to your home on your regularly scheduled city trash pick up day, and they clean your can after it has been emptied.

2. They conserve water – Instead of a home owner using and wasting 80 gallons of water, on average, to clean a can one time, they only use a fraction of that to clean one can, and they are spray your can with 3,500 psi.

3. They kill bacteria – There are many different types of bacteria per square inch in the average trash can including e. coli and salmonella. To kill bacteria your water needs to be at least 140 degrees. Their water is heated up to 195 degrees so we can kill the bacteria which causes bad odors and illnesses.

4. They are green – We use “Green Seal Certified Products”. Most home owners use bleach and other harmful chemicals and they allow those chemicals to run off into the city storm drains and ultimately into our rivers and lakes! Their soaps have reduced toxicity levels, they are biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. Further more, they recapture the dirty, polluted water then dump it an an approved facility!

5. They are Veteran owned – The owners are two sisters who come from a long history of military veterans, their father and grandfather each spent 20 years in service to our great country. The owners were proud to follow in their footsteps and serve as well. Edwina was a flight medic in the Air Force Reserves for 10 years and Katrina was a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy, serving for 7 years.

A lot of homeowners are required to keep their trash cans out of sight by putting them in the garage. That only leads to smelly cans stinking up your garage. Who wants that?

Call them today for cleaner cans tomorrow! Call (979) 703-5554

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