Up to 49% Off Intersteam Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Deal: Choose from 3 Professional Cleaning Packages starting at $59


Have pets, kids, parties, or all of the above left the carpeting, tile and grout in your home looking like it’s seen better days? This deal from Intersteam Carpet Cleaning can make those dirty floors look like new again.

Choose from 3 Professional Cleaning Packages: $59 buys Steam Cleaning for 2 rooms (up to 300 sf), a $102 value; $79 buys Steam Cleaning for 3 rooms (up to 450 sf), a $153 value; or, $99 buys Tile and Grout Cleaning for 300 sf (up to 2 rooms), a $195 value.

Professional cleaning will remove the oily, sticky soil that vacuums can’t take out, and will keep your carpet looking great over time. Intersteam Cleaning uses truck mounted steam cleaning units that have the power to completely remove dirt and residues that consumer grade or grocery store rental cleaning machines leave behind. Their professional cleaning machines ensure all dirt, residues, and left over water are completely removed from your carpet, giving you a cleaner carpet and a quicker drying time.

Get your carpets cleaned with today’s deal and experience for yourself Intersteam Carpet Cleaning deserves its great reputation in the Brazos Valley for excellence in carpet cleaning and service.


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