Stearns Design Build Offers Tips To Prepare Your Lawn & Garden for Winter

depositphotos_3263148_m-2015Winter is coming! Here are some tips to prepare your lawn & garden from the home experts at College Station’s Stearns Design Build:

While we may be a home improvement company, we’re going to talk about preparing your lawn and garden for the winter.

One of the most important things about garden and lawn care is preparing for the future. Your garden won’t grow over night. In the south, during winter months, warm-season grass will begin to go dormant and start turning brown once the colder weather hits. If you want a green lawn during the winter, start over seeding with annual ryegrass NOW.

You’ll also want to water at least three times a week. Watering also applies to your garden, just because it gets cold, doesn’t mean your plants don’t need water.

Finally, for lawns, make sure to let it grow out a little more than you would in the summer. Set your blade height half an inch, to a whole inch above what you’d normally have it.

Now for gardening. Firstly, if have any potted plants, go ahead and bring them inside. Put them in a place where they can get some sunlight. Don’t worry, in Texas, they’ll be back outside before you know it. Now for the plants outside.

Winter is a great time to be resourceful when it comes to gardening. You see all those leaves in your yard? Well, they actually make a great top dressing to your fertilizer. That way you don’t have to waste money on new fertilizer or worry about packing up all those leaves in garbage bags.

Winter is also the season of poinsettias. If taken care of properly, they can last long after the holiday season. When picking out poinsettias, try to go for bright yellow ones, they should still have mostly closed flowers.

Like we said before, your winter plants need plenty of water during these colder months to stay hydrated. With these tips, our lawn and garden wit stay green and beautiful through these cold winter months.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, our Stearns Design Build experts will be happy to answer.

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